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Gum disease is a serious oral health problem that affects many people. Receive top-quality periodontal services from Snoqualmie Modern Dental Center to overcome the troubling condition of periodontitis.

Gum Disease Treatment in Snoqualmie

Periodontitis, also known as gum disease, occurs when a person’s gums become irritated from prolonged and excessive exposure to plaque, tartar and bacteria. The condition causes the gums to appear darkened and swollen, and they may begin to bleed when brushing or flossing is performed. As the condition progresses, the gums will begin to retract and pull away from the teeth. This creates empty spaces called periodontal pockets. These areas can be taken over by bacteria, tartar and plaque which will allow the condition to spread throughout the rest of the mouth more easily. If the condition reaches the jawbone and the connective tissues of teeth, then it is likely that tooth loss will follow.

Our goal when dealing with periodontitis is to stop the spread of the condition before it reaches that crucial stage. We strongly encourage patients to seek out treatment for periodontitis before it causes any major damage. It is much easier to treat and manage periodontitis early on before it starts to spread. Failing to seek out treatment can lead to severe oral health consequences and a lifetime of problems. Although the problem might seem innocent at first, it can quickly lead to something more serious. That is why it is important to be on the lookout for any signs or symptoms that could indicate that periodontitis is present. Snoqualmie Modern Dental Center offers the following gum disease treatment services:

  • Scaling and Root Planing
  • Osseous Surgery
  • Bone Grafting

What are some signs and symptoms of periodontitis?

The earliest stages of periodontitis can be identified by swollen and darkened gums. As the condition progresses, it is likely that the gums will begin to bleed during brushing, flossing and professional teeth cleanings. Ignoring the condition at this stage is a major mistake, as the damage will start affecting the hidden areas of the mouth and causing internal damage. Eventually, the damage can be so bad that tooth loss may occur.

What is scaling and root planing?

Scaling and root planing is one of the most time-tested and proven treatment methods for periodontitis. This treatment is highly effective in mild to moderate cases of periodontitis. The process involves using dental equipment to access and clean out the areas deep below the gum line. The root surfaces are then smoothed out to prevent future buildups.

What is osseous surgery?

Osseous surgery is performed for more severe cases of periodontitis that cannot be effectively treated with scaling and root planing. This surgical procedure is performed by cutting into the patient’s gum tissue so that it can be flapped upward. This will allow the complete area to be accessed. From there, it can be cleaned out entirely and any harmful material can be removed. In many cases, an osseous surgery can represent a last-ditch effort to prevent the condition from reaching the jawbone.

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a process used to restore damaged, deteriorated or decayed bone tissue. In the most advanced and severe cases of periodontitis, the condition will spread to the jawbone and cause major damage. If that happens, bone grafts might be recommended. This process involves using artificial bone-like material and advanced proteins to regenerate the structure and restore the damage that has occurred to the jawbone.

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Dr. Chang is very kind and professional. He really goes out of his way to make sure that you feel comfortable. He was great with my dad who can be challenging due to some health issues. I am glad that my family and I are now patients of Dr. Chang.
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Very pleased about my first appointment with Dr. Chang and his staff - super professional, very friendly, and I know I will be getting the best care for my chompers going forward with this team :)
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Polite, professional, thorough in their cleaning, and use super high-tech tools.
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