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Whether you're striving to achieve great oral health or you want to maintain the health of your smile, it’s important to remember to keep up with regular dental checkups. We encourage all our patients to visit us at least once every six months for this purpose.

Regular Dental Checkups in Snoqualmie

Regular dental checkups allow our dental professionals to thoroughly examine a patient’s teeth for any oral health problems or concerns. Often, a patient won’t even be aware that something is wrong until they make this visit. Our trained team knows exactly what to look for, and many problems can only be discovered during routine exams. Through our regular dental checkups in Snoqualmie, you are more likely to become aware of a potential problem before it leads to something serious. Being able to intervene early can be crucial for ensuring that you have the easiest possible road to recovery.

These visits are also used to provide a thorough cleaning of the patient’s teeth. The professional cleaning is a major part of a regular checkup, as it ensures a deeper and more thorough cleanse than what is possible with at-home brushing and flossing. This detailed process eliminates surface stains, and it leaves the patient with fresh breath for many months to come. A regular checkup may also include digital X-rays to detect problems and issues that would otherwise be completely invisible to the naked eye. Patients should make one of these visits at least once every six months to maintain their oral health.

What does a regular dental checkup in Snoqualmie include?

Each regular checkup at our practice includes a full examination, a professional cleaning, an oral cancer screening and digital X-rays. By receiving all of these services at once, a patient will have a better idea of where they stand concerning their current dental health, and they will enjoy a healthier smile until their next scheduled visit.

What is a full examination?

The full examination is when our dental professionals will thoroughly examine a patient’s teeth for any problems that may have developed since their last visit. Based on our findings, we can make proper recommendations for any treatments or services.

What is a professional cleaning?

The professional cleaning is a process designed to provide a thorough cleansing of the patient’s mouth and them with fresh breath for many months to follow. We first use dental tools to scrape away unwanted tartar and plaque from the surfaces of the teeth and below the gum line. We then cleanse and polish the teeth to eliminate surface stains. This detailed process is highly effective and proven to provide excellent results.

What is an oral cancer screening?

An oral cancer screening is a process that allows our hygienists to detect the possible presence of oral cancer. We take the time to carefully examine the patient’s tongue, cheeks, lips, throat and other soft oral tissues for any signs or symptoms of cancer.

What are digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays are images that reveal the hidden structures of a patient’s mouth. We take these images using digital radiography devices which emit less radiation than traditional X-rays. The images can be easily uploaded to a monitor to share any findings with the patient.

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Review from Melissa M.
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Five stars

Melissa M.

Dr. Chang is very kind and professional. He really goes out of his way to make sure that you feel comfortable. He was great with my dad who can be challenging due to some health issues. I am glad that my family and I are now patients of Dr. Chang.
Review from Amanda L.
Five stars

Amanda L.

Very pleased about my first appointment with Dr. Chang and his staff - super professional, very friendly, and I know I will be getting the best care for my chompers going forward with this team :)
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Five stars

Daniel L.

Polite, professional, thorough in their cleaning, and use super high-tech tools.
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