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Athletes of all skill levels use mouth guards to protect their teeth from damage when they play contact sports. Our mouth guards are custom-designed to fit your teeth so that they offer the highest level of comfort and protection.

Mouth Guards in Snoqualmie

Mouth guards are vital for keeping an athlete’s teeth and other oral structures safe and protected during practice and competition. It only takes one hard hit to the mouth to potentially cause a lifetime of severe oral health problems. Athletic mouth guards represent one of the best ways to reduce the severity of damage from oral injuries. By using a fitted mouth guard when playing a contact sport, an athlete is less likely to experience lost or damaged teeth, structural damage, concussions or lacerations.

The mouth guards we provide at Snoqualmie Modern Dental Center are custom-designed using impressions taken of the patient’s teeth. By custom-building these appliances, we can ensure the maximum level of comfort and protection for the user. Their custom fit also prevents them from interfering with the user’s normal breathing or speaking. A professionally-fitted mouth guard is superior to store-bought alternatives. These devices are more durable, more comfortable and provide better protection. In addition to athletic mouth guards, we also offer protective night guards for preventing damage caused by bruxism.

What are mouth guards?

A mouth guard is an oral appliance worn over the teeth during athletic competition or any activity where a blow to the face is possible. If the user takes a hard hit to their mouth, the mouth guard will cushion the blow and prevent serious injury or damage. Wearing a mouth guard can go a very long way towards helping you protect your teeth during competition.

What injuries can be prevented by using mouth guards?

Mouth guards are very effective for preventing tooth fractures, chipped teeth, broken teeth, lost teeth, structural damage, oral lacerations, concussions and more.

Are your mouth guards comfortable?

Our mouth guards are custom-built to ensure maximum comfort. These devices should feel much more comfortable than any store-bought alternatives, and they should not interfere with the user’s normal breathing or speaking at all.

How long does it take to receive a mouth guard?

Since our mouth guards are custom-designed, patients should expect to make at least two visits to our practice to receive one of these appliances. The first visit involves us taking impressions of the patient’s teeth so that a custom mouth guard can be built in a dental laboratory. The patient will then need to return for a follow-up visit to pick up the device and have it fitted.

What are night guards?

A night guard is a protective device that is worn while the user sleeps. These appliances can be very helpful for anyone who suffers from bruxism, a condition that causes a person to clench and grind their teeth while they sleep. Wearing a night guard can prevent severe injuries for many sufferers.

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Melissa M.

Dr. Chang is very kind and professional. He really goes out of his way to make sure that you feel comfortable. He was great with my dad who can be challenging due to some health issues. I am glad that my family and I are now patients of Dr. Chang.
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Amanda L.

Very pleased about my first appointment with Dr. Chang and his staff - super professional, very friendly, and I know I will be getting the best care for my chompers going forward with this team :)
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Daniel L.

Polite, professional, thorough in their cleaning, and use super high-tech tools.
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